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about me 

I grew up in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area and studied classical tuba and jazz trombone from a young age. Attending respected programs and institutions such as Peabody Preparatory and Tanglewood Institute helped me grow as a musician. I moved to Chicago for college, where I studied at the Chicago College of Performing Arts and took private lessons with a principal member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Some of the highlights of my career include performing at Ravinia Festival, Harris Theater for Music and Dance, and the Auditorium Theater. 

After college, I pursued a normal job, but never lost sight of my love of music. After over a decade away from actively performing, I moved to southern California and became a full time musician. Reconnecting with my past, I dove back into brass music while also incorporating my deep appreciation for genres beyond classical and jazz, including hip hop, soul, and rock music. I also became interested in ambient and meditation music after learning how to play the hand drum. In total, I regularly practice and perform on well over a dozen different instruments. 

I currently compose and produce music for numerous high end music licensing websites, and write custom music for clients. 

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